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 Rules for making threads for congratulating members on number of posts.

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M. Waqas Jan

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PostSubject: Rules for making threads for congratulating members on number of posts.   Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:27 pm

Assalam-u-alaikum, dear ShayiriOnline Fellows.

It has been seen that many a times members make a thread on every 100 or so posts. I'm sure that by they don't intend to but doing so every now and then sort of makes the threads look redundant. I'm sure we all agree that that is not what we want at all. When we make such a thread, we like everyone to come forward and join in to celebrate the occasion, right?

This thread is to tell when members are allowed to make threads to congratulate their fellow members on achieving a specific number of posts.

May I also add that we don't want people making threads way ahead of time either. So, for all threads made for posts more than 1000, please do not make a congratulation thread before the member is at the most 50 posts short of the landmark.

Members are allowed to make congratulations threads when they complete their first:

100 posts
500 posts
800 posts
1000 posts
2000 posts
3000 posts
4000 posts
5000 posts
6000 posts
7000 posts
8000 posts
9000 posts
10,000 posts

and so on.

For all posts greater than 10, 000, please make a thread after 1000 further posts are made and not less.

This forum is for your fun and it would only look good that when a congratulation thread is made, maximum number of members participate on such threads.

Looking forward to all your co-operation in this regard.

Best regards,
M. Waqas Jan.

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Rules for making threads for congratulating members on number of posts.
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