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 Rules & Regulation for The Chat Rooms

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M. Waqas Jan

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulation for The Chat Rooms   Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:11 pm

S.O. Chat Room Rules And Regulations

The S.O. Chat Room is meant to provide an opportunity for the members of ShayiriOnline to interact with each other in a welcoming, supportive, understanding and friendly environment for all of its users to enjoy. Every user of the room is responsible for helping to maintain a good atmosphere and behaving with consideration for others. Please treat others with the same respect and tolerance that you would hope to be treated with yourself.

ShayiriOnline strives to make its chat room a place for family entertainment where everyone feels welcome. In order to do this, we have to enforce a few rules. If you read them over and try to understand why they exist, we’re sure you'll agree with the fact that they are necessary and are only for the benefit of the chat room users. While visiting our chat room, please do your best to comply with these rules.

Rules and Regulations :

Please treat everyone in the chat room in a respectful and courteous manner. This chat room is meant for everyone's enjoyment. This is the most important thing to remember.

Please be courteous. When entering the chat room, take a moment to greet everyone and say “Assalam-u-alaikum”. When leaving, let people know you are leaving. Though you may not be able to see the people in the chat room face-to-face, you are still entering and leaving a room filled with other people. Saying hello and goodbye is common courtesy.

Behaviour that is intolerant, unsupportive, unwelcoming, unfriendly or insensitive and therefore harms the good environment of the room will by no means be tolerated.

While in the room, participate in the discussion with everyone else in the public room. Though private messaging is allowed, it is not allowed for members to ignore all other members in the private room and the discussion taking place there. If you want to talk to only one member in the room, you are advised to do so elsewhere, but not in the room.

Don't lurk or “idle” in the chat room. This means don't sit in the chat room and not say anything. Chat rooms are for everyone to discuss things and that is considered to be the reason visitors come to the room for. If you are new to the chat room simply say that you are new and ask to watch the conversation for a while. If you are going away from your keyboard for a while, tell the chat room this as well. Users found to be persistently lurking in the chat room may be kicked/banned by the moderators, as found appropriate.

Remember that all users of the chat room have one thing in common: we were all new to the chat room once. Please keep this in mind and help to make newbies feel welcome and at home, so that they can also begin to enjoy being part of the chat room community.

No Bad Language
The use of any offensive language in the chat room is unacceptable. Simply editing a few letters with an asterisk or other symbols is not allowed, either.

A simple rule to follow is: "When in doubt, leave it out."

We do not believe that the use of profanity would help you to get your point across and find it usually better to avoid it altogether. If any such language is used in the chat room, action may be taken against the member doing so. This action can be in the form of a verbal warning, a temporary ban or then a permanent ban, as deemed appropriate by the Moderators.

Adult Content
Messages containing offensive, obscene, sexually oriented, violent, vulgar, illegal dialog, images, content, or links to such are not allowed. Sending such material in the room can result in an immediate ban for the user.

The chat room is not a Dating Site
Our female visitors do not come to the chat room expecting a barrage of private chat messages from male members. Complaints of unsuitable messaging may result in you being banned from the chat room.

Do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS
In the S.O. chat room, using all capital letters in posts is not allowed. This is considered as shouting and looks rude. It also makes the text difficult to read. Please avoid using all capital letters unless necessary.

During discussion, sometimes you will be faced with views or opinions you may not agree with. It is imperative you keep an open mind towards all inclusive people, and keep a neutral and objective focus when replying, instead of being subjective, personal or judgmental. We all as human beings have the right to form our own opinions and beliefs and where we expect our own to be respected, so must we respect those of others. Please try to steer such discussions into a positive direction without engaging in negative behaviour.

Multiple User ID’s
Please register and use only one User ID in the chat room. Visiting the room under or having multiple user accounts is not allowed and will result in action by the Moderators. If anyone is found to be using multiple ID’s for any purpose, the member can be banned with immediate effect.

Impersonating other users/accessing another user's account
You may not impersonate another member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. Members engaged in this type of behaviour will be banned from the room permanently.

Private Messages
Chat room users are allowed to send each other private messages if and when needed. However, if a member asks you not to send him/her private messages, do so.
Non-compliance may lead to the member being banned.

Personal Information
It is advised to all chat room users not to give personal identifying information, e-mail addresses or passwords to anyone in public. If you wish to do so, give such information privately.

No advertising
Advertisement of any sort is not allowed in the chat room. Advertising and promotion of event(s), product(s) or site(s) in the chat room is forbidden, whether they belong to a member or a third party. Members found responsible for advertisement shall first be warned to stop doing so. In case of non-compliance, they may then be banned.

If someone tries to advertise a service, product or website to you in private chat or in the public room, please inform a Moderator.

However, sharing of links to nonprofit organization websites is allowed, provided that there is no element of advertisement.

The chat room is primarily for English and Urdu languages. You may speak privately to other members in whatever languages you wish, but all communication in the public room should be in English or then Urdu.

No flooding
Flooding is a Denial of Service attack that is designed to bring a service down by flooding it with large amounts of data or traffic.

Any activity by a member in the chat room that disrupts the normal flow of dialogue, causes a screen to "scroll" faster than other users of the chat room are able to type, or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users' ability to engage in real time exchanges is not allowed at all and the member found involved in such activity shall be banned with immediate effect.

Discrimination of any sort towards any particular member or group of members, based on age, sex, colour, race or ethnicity shall not be tolerated at all. Members involved in such behaviour shall be given one warning before being banned immediately from the room permanently.

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Rules & Regulation for The Chat Rooms
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